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Welcome to the era of the SPIRIT!

I am Inés,

your native ÑUU SAVI "Curandera" teacher, mystic and wisdom keeper at Oaxaca Mystical.

Immerse in the "SPIRIT" of Oaxaca with me, where Ancestral wisdom meets transformation. I am a native Ñuu Savi (Mixteca) woman from the sacred  mountains of Oaxaca, 

As a natural-born healer, I carry the sacred lineage of the 'curanderas' in my family, women who have safeguarded their wisdom for generations. My life's purpose is to honor this heritage and my rich Mixteca roots by guiding individuals and groups, both local and international, on transformative spiritual quests.

Additionally, I hold a Ph.D. in psychology with a focus in sexuality. This unique background enables me to bridge the best of both worlds - the ancestral wisdom and contemporary insights - empowering you to become your authentic self.

Join me in unlocking the depths of your spirit for healing, spiritual journeys, self-discovery, and the revelation of your inner truth.

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LIFE is a celebration that deserves to be lived with your whole senses and a full Spirit!

Ancestral Wisdom

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Thank you for your interest in immersing in the Spirit of Oaxaca with me. Please send me your contact information along with your interest in order to customize your experience according to your needs.  In most cases, a phone call will be arranged in order to learn more about you.

Inés at Oaxaca mystical, awaits for you!!

Oaxaca, Centro, Oaxaca

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Call us: +52 (951) 247-7680

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