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Home: Welcome
Welcome to the ERA of the Spirit!
I am Ines, 
your Native Ñuu Savi Curandera, Teacher, Mystic & Ancient Wisdom Keeper. 

Immerse yourself in the Ancient Spirit of  Oaxaca with me
and discover the mystical and powerful secrets of  the Ancestral wisdom I carry to expand, feel, elevate, transform, heal and reconnect with your Soul, your highest destiny and your mission on Earth.

A reputable Native Ñuu Savi woman from the magical Mountains of the Mixteca area of Oaxaca.

Born as a  healer with different intuitive abilities. I also come from a Female Lineage of "Curanderas" that have carried the wisdom for some generations.

I honor my life mission  and my Mixteca Heritage by facilitating individual and group journeys that allow you to dive into the depths of your Spirit in order to heal, find your truth, get answers to uplift your daily life experience, and indulge in the true meaning of your existence.  


I provide support and guidance through an array of different healing modalities, Traditional Medicine, ceremonies, rituals, life celebrations, weddings, spiritual and healing journeys,  and  one-of-a-kind experiences that no one should miss.


 I also hold a Ph.D. in Psychology of Sexuality in order to bring the best of each world to you - the ancestral wisdom and the modern understanding of your body and mind 

  for you to become your own sanctuary.   

Indulge - Rejoice - Transform - Become  


LIFE is a celebration that deserves to be lived with your whole senses and a full Spirit!

Ancestral Wisdom

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Thank you for your interest in immersing in the Spirit of Oaxaca with me. Please send me your contact information along with your interest in order to customize your experience according to your needs.  In most cases, a phone call will be arranged in order to learn more about you.

Inés at Oaxaca mystical, awaits for you!!

Oaxaca, Centro, Oaxaca

¡Tus datos se enviaron con éxito!

Call us: +52 (951) 247-7680

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